Agência Nacional do Cinema
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A brief history of the last 15 years

In 2016, ANCINE completed 15 years. Throughout this period, the Agency has been working for the development of the Brazilian audiovisual sector through two main axes:


· Funding: (i) through tax incentives, stimulating private investment in the sector and (ii) through the Audiovisual Sector Fund, which allocates resources to the various links of the audiovisual production chain;


· Regulation: quotas of national content for movie theaters and pay-tv, in addition to other actions to fight market concentration practices.


As a result, audiovisual is now a substantial sector in constant growth: data from sectoral studies and the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics’ National Accounts point that, in 2013, the audiovisual sector’s share in the Brazilian economy was 0.54%, a number comparable to sectors such as textile, electronics and pharmaceutical. The sector grew 65.8% between 2007 and 2013, which is equivalent to a continuous expansion of 8.8% a year in the period. This percentage is significantly higher than the average of every sector of the Brazilian economy.


These data also show that in 2014 the economic activities in the audiovisual sector were directly responsible for generating an income of R$ 24.5 billion in the economy – in 2007, this figure was R$ 8.7 billion.


In 2015, Brazil was the eighth biggest film market in the world, with 173 million tickets sold. That year’s box office reached an income of over R$ 2 billion.


The Brazilian exhibition Market has also been growing and modernizing. By the end of 2016, there were 3,168 cinema screens in the country – compared to 1,620 screens in 2001 –, with 99.6% of those already being digital.


Those recent figures indicate the sector’s general tendency of strengthening: in 2016, there were 184.3 million admissions in national movie theaters and the country set a new record of film releases, with 143 Brazilian feature films premiering in movie theaters.


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