Agência Nacional do Cinema
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Goals & functions


  • Main goals

  • To help develop a sustainable and competitive audiovisual industry in Brazil, working across production, distribution and exhibition;

  • To encourage wide public access to Brazilian audiovisual content in Brazil and in foreign markets, and to promote the offer of a diverse range of foreign audiovisual content to Brazilian audiences;

  • To strengthen independent and regional production in Brazil, and consequently tap into diversity;

  • To increase the participation of Brazilian audiovisual content in ancillary markets – home video, open and pay-per-view TV, Internet, cell phones and new media.



  • Main roles & functions

  • To foster the audiovisual industry’s development, especially through mechanisms of financial support;

  • To issue the Certificado de Produto Brasileiro (“Certificate of Brazilian Product”) to national audiovisual contents; and licenses for their exhibition in all segments of the market;

  • To collect a tax called CONDECINE (“Contribution to the Development of the National Film Industry”), which is the main source of the Audiovisual Sector Fund - FSA;

  • To combat audiovisual piracy;

  • To monitor and ensure compliance with the legislation in force as well as to impose fees and sanctions;

  • To regulate the development of the Brazilian audiovisual industry, while respecting freedom of thought and expression;

  • To ensure the presence of Brazilian films in international festivals;

  • To authorize filming in Brazil by foreign crews;

  • To gather and analyze data concerning the overall audiovisual market and each of its segments with a view to developing regulatory policies;

  • To interact and exchange information with film institutes from other countries;

  • To develop and review international co-production treaties in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

  • To encourage international co-productions.


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