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Regulatory Agenda

The Regulatory Agenda is an instrument of planning and transparency, since it organizes and makes public the main themes and actions ANCINE will seek to develop within a period of two years.


The elaboration of the 2017/2018 Regulatory Agenda was a result of an intense study process by ANCINE and, later, of public consultation, in which society was able to contribute to the themes proposed and also to suggest new topics inside the scope of regulation, support and monitoring of the audiovisual sector.


The regulatory actions planned by ANCINE for the next two years regard six themes:


Cinematographic distribution

Cinematographic exhibition


Financial support for the audiovisual sector

Mediation of conflicts

Economic order


It was through the Regulatory Agenda that ANCINE proposed, for example, the debate on the Accessibility theme. In addition to providing more national and diverse content for Brazilians, ANCINE understands that it is fundamental to democratize the access to audiovisual as a whole, so that each Brazilian citizen, without distinction, can have a more inclusive life and a fuller experience with audiovisual produced by their country and other nations.


From this perspective, ANCINE has incorporated, since 2013, the obligation for feature film projects supported by the Audiovisual Sector Fund – FSA to include resources for accessibility on their budgets. Furthermore, the Normative Instruction 116/2014 determined that production projects supported by federal financial support sources must include the services of descriptive subtitling, audio description and Brazilian sign language (Libras) in their post-production budgets. With the Normative Instruction 128/2016, ANCINE established that by 2018 every commercial movie theater in Brazil must be equipped with assistive technology that guarantees the services of subtitling, descriptive subtitling, audio description and Libras.


Besides, another significant theme nowadays is the advent of Video on Demand services (VoD), new ways of audiovisual distribution that challenge the logic of chains, windows and contractual practices. Facing the fast advance of digital technologies, the fundamentals of economic regulation and promotion of values are reinforced as relevant, requiring an exercise of regulatory flexibility and harmonization in view of the multiplicity of available services and platforms.


From December 2016 to March 2017, ANCINE took to public consultation a Regulatory Notice on VoD Service, informing society and the audiovisual sector its intention to promote a public debate on the regulation of VoD services offered to Brazilian consumers, as well as to obtain contribution to questions related to the theme. 


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