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Screen quota policy

The Screen Quota system establishes the obligation for exhibition companies to include a minimum amount of Brazilian feature films in their programming.


The number of days to comply with the quota, the diversity of films that must be exhibited and the maximum occupation limit for the same film in screens of a cinema site are established annually by means of Presidential Decree.


The Screen Quota policy has been adopted by different countries for decades in order to guarantee a minimum space in theaters for national cinematography. In Brazil, the implementation of this policy has been effective over the last years. In 2015, over 85% of the monitored cinema sites accomplished the Screen Quota obligation. 


For 2017, the quota was set up based on the same conditions established in 2016. Thus, single screen movie theaters must show Brazilian films for, at least, 28 days during this year. The minimum number of national films to be exhibited gradually increases to 24 for cinema sites with 16 screens or more. Therefore, considering there are currently 773 cinema sites and 3,143 screens in Brazil, the Screen Quota mechanism will allow at least 166,669 screening days for Brazilian films in 2017, which means an average of 53 days a year per screen.


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